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Your number 1 for all hits, all the time!

24/7 stream!!

click hear for our 24 7 stream

this stream will constantly be streaming music 24 hours, 7 days a week.

JenniMusic Live cast

click hear for our live stream

This station may not always be broadcasting and is a live station, in witch we will discuss things of interest to the community or just stream our goofiness to the airwaves.

Stream Archives

Click here for previous Archives of our Stream

Described Movies and Podcasts Automation Stream

Click here for an automated stream featuring descriptive movies and Podcasts

This 24/7 stream, hosted by one of our system managers, streams audio described movies, podcasts and miscellaneous bits of audio.

We now have a mobile app!

Click hear to download the android app.

Do to the security method used to protect this app, the Mega application is required to start the download. If you do not have Mega on your android device, the google Play store will open and will request you download the Mega application.

Steps to install the JenniMusic app on android.

  1. After you download the Mega app, open your phone’s settings, security and select the checkbox that says unknown sources.

  2. Tap on the link provided to download the JenniMusic app.

  3. When downloading is done, open the downloaded file.

  4. Follow the steps on your screen to install the application.

  5. Open the app, and if lookout comes up trying to worn you of risk-ware apps, tap on more info, and tap ignore.

iOS devices.

You can download the iPhone application by clicking hear.

Steps to install the app on iOS.

  1. Tap on the link.

  2. Safari should open and congratulate you for installing the application.

  3. Now, tap on the launch button.

  4. In the screen requesting permission to install the app, tap OK.

  5. After the app is done installing, open your phone settings, then general, and profiles and device management.

  6. Now, you will see the external company name, along with the JenniMusic app.

  7. Tap on trust, and tap OK.

  8. The app is now ready to use!

        Other Mobile Apps, android Only

Mobdro Live TV Streaming

This app provides access to many different live TV Broadcasts, as well as 24/7 channels.

Fildo Music Downloader and streaming

This app provides access to download and stream music from many different internet sources.

Jenni Movies and TV

This app provides another method to access movies and TV content

Music Player Daemon for android

This is a port of mpd to the android platform. Music generally goes into /sdcard/Music. There is no configuration interface, so you must control playback through raw tcp connections.

Kodi Media Center Addon Package

This package includes many addons for the kodi media center, such as the kodi screen reader, which makes the program accessible to the blind through TTS(Text to Speech) technology, as well as internet streams from television channels and other sources. To set it up, install both kodi and 7zip, all of which are cross-platform applications. Once installed, run kodi for the first time to create the configuration directories. After exiting the running kodi instance, by pressing s and enter, download this file, open it in 7zip, press control a to select all files, then press f5 to activate 7zip’s copy selection to... functionality. Activate the browse button, select your kodi addons folder, located in %appdata%\kodi\addons on windows or ~/.kodi/addons under unix-like systems, click ok twice, and once the extraction is complete, close 7zip, open kodi, and get the popcorn ready!

Please note that we do not have control over any content posted in, linked to or in any way contained in these apps or files. If you get gassed for selling pirated dvd’s of your shenanigans, drowned in applesauce, hung from the flag poll of your old elementary school by an angry mob, eaten by a gigantic mutated frog, fed to a mad scientist's experiment, marshmallows with brains twice the size of your head, all and/or none of the above, don’t call us, we’ll call you, or maybe try to find those marshmallows! Nom Nom, super sized marshmellows, tasty!

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