Tech-related Projects

ebook and document reader for cygwin, linux and mac OS X

This program, given a filename, will make a copy of a supported file and convert it to speech. Adding supported file formats simply requires adding a function that will copy the text of the document to standard output. As of now, the following file types are supported:

1: doc(old Microsoft Word files), uses the catdoc program, which can be installed using your package manager, apt-get, dnf, zypper in linux, and homebrew in Mac OS X

2: docx, uses infozip’s unzip program, and the textual lynx browser, also installable through your package manager.

3: pdf, both textual and images, uses programs from the popler package, pdftotext and pdfimages, as well as tesseract to ocr images if the pdf cannot be automatically converted to text

4: html, uses the lynx textual browser, which is usually called lynx in package managers

5: epub, uses the same programs and methods as docx, but gets the text from different files

This program uses espeak to read the output of the text converter functions, and sox(Sound Exchange) to playback the generated files. A speech rate of 500 words per minute is used by default, however, the commands used to speak the text from the converter functions, as well as the commands used to play sounds, if necessary, can be changed by changing the syncmd, synargs, playcmd, and playargs variables near the top of the code. This script will run in cygwin. I plan to make a premade version with all of the dependencies and a GUI based file selection utility in the near future.

Youtube Music Downloader and player for linux and cygwin

This program, given a song title, or artist and title, will allow you to download and listen to the many songs available through youtube. It uses the curl, ffmpeg, youtube-dl, zsh, and sox programs. Upon playing any song, the program will place the file in the .cache/ytplay directory in your home folder, allowing you to play the songs you have downloaded, even without an internet connection. A Windows version of this program is available here.

Large Print and speaking Keyboard practice utility

This program, written for windows, allows you to practice your keyboarding skills. After indicating how many lessons you would like, the program will display and speak a key, requiring you to press the key, advancing to the next lesson if you typed the correct key, and flashing the screen red and re-dsplaying the key if you did not type it correctly.

Spiel Screen Reader for Android

This is a build of the spiel screen reader for android. Spiel was a popular and feature filled screen reader in the days of android 2.3 Gingerbread. Surprisingly, it is still being maintained and updated. This version is built from the source listed below:

Accessible wineprefix for 64-bit systems

This is a standalone 64-bit wine prefix with SAPI support included. To use, extract the archive, and move the .wine directory from etc/skel to your home directory on Mac OS X or linux. This is a standalone version of the wineprefix from the accessible wine installer program listed below.

Jenux Installer (x86_64)

This is a bootable DVD image that can be used to install either android or a fully accessible Arch Linux based System called Jenux. It runs on any intel-compatible (64-bit) computer. To start the install, select install Jenux on this device from the main menu. If you are familiar with the Linux command line, you can use this image to repair a damaged system. both csm(legacy bios) and uefi compatible systems. The Jenux installer also has the ability to flash an image to an sd card compatible with the Raspberry Pi series of single board computers, as well as reset a forgotten windows password.

Access Stick Launcher for Windows

This program, once placed onto a USB flash drive, can allow anyone to use any windows computer that allows executing third-party code for free. This program presents a talking menu interface which lets you select speech using a preconfigured copy of the NVDA screen reader, magnification of on-screen elements using the Virtual Magnifying Glass magnification program, or a program that will convert a PDF file or a standard image file containing possibly unreadable text into a standard text file. All of these programs are contained in module files that get extracted on first use to the flash drive containing the main menu program. Please Note: while downloading the modules, it is normal for the program to appear as if it is not responding. If windows notifies you to close the program, please wait for the process to complete.

Accessible Wine Installer for Mac OS X

This script will install the homebrew package manager, xquartz, which provides windowing support for UNIX applications since Apple removed the official x11 app from OS x, wine, and a customized wine prefix which allows you to run any self-voicing application. Unfortunately, screen reader support is not possible at this time. If clicking this link shows you the script instead of downloading it, go to utilities, terminal and copy and paste this text into the text field:

curl -O “”;chmod 755 wineinstall;./wineinstall

Android Wear TalkBack Installer

This is a script that will make most android wear smartwatches with recent Android OS Versions use the talkback screen reader, making these useful classes of devices usable by those that cannot see the screen. Note that as part of the installation, you will need sighted assistance to enable USB debugging, accept an authorization prompt, and pair a bluetooth headset or speaker with your watch if it does not have a built-in speaker. To enable USB debugging, go to settings, scroll down and tap about, tap build number a few times until the screen reads “You are now a developer.”, go back to the main settings screen by swiping left, tap developer options, tap adb debugging, plug the device into the computer and accept the authorization prompt. To pair with a bluetooth speaker, go to settings, scroll down to bluetooth or bluetooth devices, make sure your audio device is in pairing mode and tap its name.

Kodi Raspberry Pi 2/3 rootfs

This is an sdcard image for the raspberry PI 2 or 3, which is installable through the autobuild system. If you would like to install manually, simply create and mount the two partitions, extract this image, plug it into your pi, and start watching and/or listening to your media. Addons are included for several popular TV networks, internet channels such as youtube, music addons such as pandora, programs such as a web browser, emulators for game consoles, accessibility features such as a screen reader and high contrast skins, etc are all included. SSH access as username kodi and password kodi is available.

Arch Linux Raspberry Pi 2/3 Rootfs

This is an image of arch Linux, also installable through the autobuild system, which runs on the raspberry Pi 2 or 3 family of $35 series of Single Board Computers. It features most of the software available in the above autobuild iso for standard computers, such as different desktop environments, media players, office suites, email clients, web browsers, penetration testing tools, and so on. If you would like to install manually, simply create the needed partitions on a 64 GB or larger micro sd card, extract the image, and enjoy your new $35 computer. Since this image is based on the standard Arch Linux ARM image, the default username/password combination is username alarm, password alarm.

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